The Worksheet I Use to Level Up My Life Every Day

A guide to creating your own affirmation, vision, and action steps.

Photo by JOHN TOWNER on Unsplash

The Worksheet

Part 1: Affirmations

Write down the first five thoughts that come to mind and mark the one that has the most emotional energy for you. Through your worksheet exercises, this will become your Power Thought. [Note: this exercise will be even more helpful if you select a thought that has a negative vibe for you]:

Part 2: Scripting

For this exercise, let’s explore your most deeply held desires and then literally write them into creation. [Note: scripting is a practice that aligns with the Law of Attraction.]

Part 3: Bold Action

Now, let’s use your affirmation and script to create an action plan for today. The Universe rewards action, especially when it is backed by faith. Trust this process.

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