Thanks for your thoughtful note and your encouragement, Greg!

I feel like social media gets a bad rap in our society, though for good reasons. Studies show it can make people feel socially isolated. With this piece, I wanted to break down the barrier between “content creator” and “follower”. I’m an empath, and I crave emotional connection with people. And I like to use social media. My goal is to bring my whole self to what I do online, so I can develop real (not just virtual) connections.

So I’m glad you wrote me a note here to let me know your thoughts. And I get your point about how support online can be part of an effective marketing plan. I think (or hope) that it’s possible to do both — to be an effective marketer of our writing and to genuinely care about the people who read our work.

It was definitely worth the time to read and respond to you — us writers have to stick together, right? Sharing our work can be a tall order (“what will people think?!”). It helps to have friends along the way.



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