Hi Deborah,

I really like this piece. I find it ironic, though maybe not surprising, that the man who worked for a religious organization wasn't open to a spiritual conversation. It's unfortunate, but many times, we resist the very things that we claim to hold dear. (This is true for all of us, I think.)

As an entrepreneur, I'm finding it easier to incorporate my spirituality into my work life than I did when I was working for someone else. It's so easy for me to take a quick break from what I'm doing to sit still and listen to my breath for a minute, or to pray.

That doesn't mean I always get it right. I can lose touch with my "touch tree" (to borrow a phrase from Glennon Doyle). I can forget that I am a Child of God, and act like I'm on my own here. When that happens, I get stressed and overwhelmed.

Eventually though, I always remember to return to my spiritual practices, and to invoke the things I want to be: calm, centered, compassionate, and so on.

Thanks for sharing this reminder that we can integrate our spiritual life with our business life. I enjoyed reading it.



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