Create a Syllabus to Step-up Your Lifelong Learning Before 2021

And to add a sense of purpose to your days.

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Welcome to the “Real World”

I’ve been out of school for several years. I miss my classmates, my campus, and especially, my professors’ syllabi. (Okay, I probably miss the people most of all, but this story isn’t about that.)

Design Your Own Courses and Programs

I decided to combine my commitment to self-development and lifelong learning and design my own course, complete with a syllabus.

  • Course Description
  • Goals and Objectives
  • Required Resources
  • Course Requirements
  • Schedule

Highlights from my Self-Designed Syllabus:

  • Course Title: Abundance Mindset for Writers
  • Course Description: In this course, I will use a variety of resources to develop a mindset of abundance . . . which will serve me as a writer and an entrepreneur. This course is based on the Law of Attraction and its sources will derive from that framework. I will explore . . . practices to shift my mindset from one of lack to one of abundance, with an emphasis on grace and forgiveness as spiritual practices.
  • Goals and Objectives: The student (me) will develop a practice of abundant beliefs that she can carry forward into the next abundant phase of her life.
  • Course Requirements: The student (again, me) will write two papers: (1) “What’s at stake when considering a mindset of abundance?” Due September 13. (2) “A Spirituality of Abundance.” Due December 13.
  • Course Schedule: consists of a morning routine, afternoon practice and evening routine.

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