A Dozen Nonthreatening Journal Prompts on Faith for the Post-Religious, from Someone with an M.A. in Religion

Don’t worry, I’m not here to convert you. This is for self-exploration.

Photo by Aaron Burden on Unsplash

Journal Prompts for Self-Exploration on Faith

  1. Where does my true power come from?
  2. How do I connect with what’s bigger than me and why is this important?
  3. If I could design my own religion or group experience of shared meaning, what would it look like?
  4. Am I non-religious or post-religion? What’s the difference and why would I want to claim either one?
  5. How do my political views shape my views of religion and vice versa?
  6. Do I have friends from different religious backgrounds? Do I want to?
  7. Does the word “sacred” hold any significance for me? If so, what? If not, is there a better word?
  8. Is there a text (any text) that I would call “sacred”? Why or why not?
  9. Do I have a “sacred space” in or near my home? What does this space mean to me?
  10. Do I feel a sense of calling on my life? What do I feel called to do? How do I feel called to help my fellow creatures or the environment?
  11. Do I have more faith or fear about the future?
  12. How do I see myself in relation to other people? Am I in competition with them? Are we cooperating? Co-creating?

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