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Educational Background:

  • M.A. in Religion
  • B.A. in English Literature & Creative…

“Focus on Impacting 1 Person, Not 1,000,000” — Tom Kuegler

I first met Tom Kuegler when I took one of his courses about how to make money online as a writer. The more I got to learn about his journey, however, the more I wanted to learn how he’s been able to successfully monetize his content across various platforms.


Fear happens; it’s what you do with it that counts.

Notice I said, “it’s what you do with it.” You may be wondering, “Why do anything? Why not just avoid fear altogether?” While that sounds like a reasonable approach, there’s a saying in the self-development field that applies here:

What you resist, persists.

I’m not sure who coined that little…

From a freelance writer with over a decade of experience.

Congratulations! You’ve landed a freelance writing job with a new client!

After you celebrate your “win”, you may find yourself thinking: “Now what?”

More specifically, what can you do to ensure that your assignment is successful for your clients? How can you know what they want?

Have you ever asked…

This is hard, but there is a way through it.

My favorite coffee shop is a local establishment. It has on-site parking, an outdoor patio, and enough indoor seating to make it plausible any time of day or night (they’re open until 10).

I pull into a parking spot, walk across the wood-planked patio, and through the glass front door…

Let’s reframe how we’re interacting with editors

I recently saw a comment in a Facebook group for Medium writers that said:

“I’ve submitted two stories to [a publication] and they’ve both been rejected. Should I stop submitting to them? I don’t want to bother the editors.”

This story is my response to this person’s comment. It’s for…

Amy Hartsough

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