“Focus on Impacting 1 Person, Not 1,000,000” — Tom Kuegler

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I first met Tom Kuegler when I took one of his courses about how to make money online as a writer. The more I got to learn about his journey, however, the more I wanted to learn how he’s been able to successfully monetize his content across various platforms.

For those of you who don’t know Tom, he’s a writer, Youtuber, Facebook Influencer, and a course creator for platforms like Medium and Linkedin who has amassed a following of 500,000 people.

All in, according to Tom, on average he’s making over $8,000 a month from writing, the ad revenue from Facebook and Youtube, and selling his online courses which makes up a high percentage of his income. …

This is hard, but there is a way through it.

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My favorite coffee shop is a local establishment. It has on-site parking, an outdoor patio, and enough indoor seating to make it plausible any time of day or night (they’re open until 10).

I pull into a parking spot, walk across the wood-planked patio, and through the glass front door. I approach the friendly face at the counter and order an in-house white mocha. You can bring your own mug, but I always use theirs.

I sit at a table near the wall because I’m working today so I want to plug my laptop in. I glance around the cozy shop and smile at anyone who catches my eye. …

Let’s reframe how we’re interacting with editors

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I recently saw a comment in a Facebook group for Medium writers that said:

“I’ve submitted two stories to [a publication] and they’ve both been rejected. Should I stop submitting to them? I don’t want to bother the editors.”

This story is my response to this person’s comment. It’s for new writers who still worry that they’re “bothering” editors anytime they communicate with them. Let’s reframe this together so we can all feel confident approaching editors. They say it’s good to be aggressive, meaning: follow up!

I don’t think there’s anything wrong with that. But just so we’re all comfortable with this more proactive approach to building a relationship with an editor, let’s call…

When in doubt, feel it out.

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Have you ever made a decision you regret? What if there was a way to avoid regrets? What if you could make the right decision, about everything, every time?

Many people believe you can avoid regrets if you practice checking in with your intuition, by doing a “gut check.”

A “gut check” is defined by Wiktionary.com as: “An honest, reflective appraisal of one’s true feelings concerning a matter of concern.”

My definition of a “gut check” is less redundant than that:

the practice of checking in with oneself to determine the right course of action.

Let’s review why, when, and how to do a “gut check.” …

From 4 characters who show us how to be authentically hilarious

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“Schitt’s Creek” (Image Copyright: CBC/PopTV)

If you haven’t seen “Schitt’s Creek”, you’re missing out. It’s the story of the Rose family and their journey from riches to small-town life in a quaint little town called, you guessed it, Schitt’s Creek.

The show is heartwarming, funny, and a welcome distraction right now. I’ve been rewatching it from the beginning with my mom as a way to avoid election coverage on MSNBC.

Read on for seven quotes from the show that will lift your mood and make you laugh out loud.

Alexis Rose (the daughter) is the woman you need if you’re facing a unique situation or you feel that you’re in danger. Chances are, she’s been there, and she’s got the advice you need to get you through whatever hangup you’re in. …

A Cathartic Playlist For Your Every Emotion

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Rolling Stone

I listen to Michael Jackson’s music when I’m happy. Or maybe I get happy when I listen to his music. I’m not sure which comes first anymore.

I had his “HIStory: Past, Present and Future” DVD's growing up. And I watched them on repeat. For years.

He’s the undisputed King of Pop. And he’s the single best performer this planet has ever seen. That might be my opinion, but it’s an opinion shared by many millions of people.

Here’s a playlist of songs that will get you in the mood — whatever mood you want. …

These quotes have inspired me and they can do the same for you.

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Photo by Radu Florin on Unsplash

I love self-help books. I get a lot out of them because I put a lot into them. I’m a voracious reader and I always annotate my books. So, when I read a self-help book, I’m having a conversation with the author and with myself.

Over the years, I’ve developed strong mental habits like positivity and wealth consciousness by reading self-help books. Below are quotes from five self-help books that have changed my life, on a variety of topics. Enjoy!

“May Cause Miracles: A 40-Day Guidebook of Subtle Shifts for Radical Change and Unlimited Happiness” by Gabrielle Bernstein

“The simple truth is that you can’t expect the outside world to make you happy. …

Insights on Happiness from 12 of My Favorite Books

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Photo by Tamarcus Brown on Unsplash

For a long time, I wanted to be happy. But I didn’t have a clue how to actually make happiness happen in my life. I wanted it, craved it, and even prayed for it. But it was always out of my reach. It might come in fleeting moments, but it never lasted.

I had valid reasons to struggle with happiness.

I actually gave up on happiness several years ago. I just assumed that life is hard and that many people (including me) would never really be happy. I assumed it was normal to be unhappy.

I don’t feel that way anymore. Not even close. In the past few years, I’ve found a roadmap to happiness. …

For Spiritual People Who Write

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Recently, I wrote a story in which I talked about how I think it’s okay for writers to want to be paid well for our work.

And I do think that’s true.

But I’ve been feeling obsessive about my stats recently, and that’s been draining my energy and motivation for writing. (Can anyone relate?)

So I talked to my therapist about it and she said that she’s noticed that I do my best when I’m spiritually centered and grounded in practices like prayer. She suggested the following prayer for me to say every day when I sit down to write.

I hope it’s helpful for you, too. …

3 Tips to Help You Get Through This Election Season

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I’ve seen election ads hundreds of times by now. Every time they come on, I feel my body getting tense. Times are tough, and I don’t need an election ad to remind me of that fact.

The election is almost upon us. But it’s not over yet. There’s still plenty of advertisements and news coverage to come in the coming weeks.

I’m so tired of it all. I already voted. I’m over it. But the election ads and news coverage continue. And I’m feeling stressed about it all.

Here’s how I’m coping with election coverage fatigue, with skills I learned from DBT (Dialectical Behavior Therapy). …


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