3 Ways Freewriting Will Help You Get Unstuck

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We all know how it feels to get stuck on a project. Sometimes we feel stuck before we even begin.

My first step for most of my writing projects is . . . panic. I think things like, “I’m going to run out of ideas” or “no one’s going to like this piece.” So, how do I move from being panicked to being productive?

I free-write. Or, I do my own version of freewriting, which I call focused freewriting.

In short, I choose a purpose for my writing session. For example, to come up with story ideas for Medium. Then, I write only on that topic. In my experience, this is different from Morning Pages because it’s more focused. I end up producing content that is more closely related to the topic I’m exploring.

3 Reasons Freewriting Helps When You’re Stuck

  1. Writing quickly gets you out of your own way. We can get over writer’s block by simply, writing. And I find that having a specific purpose for my free-writing helps me produce more helpful content.
  2. You can access ideas that aren’t apparent at first glance. If you start writing and keep writing, you’ll discover ideas that you didn’t know you had. “More makes more,” as my mom says. Keep going. You’ll get there as long as you don’t stop too soon.
  3. The more you write, the more written material you’ll have for your project. For example, if I’m writing a list of story ideas, the more time I spend writing, the more ideas I’ll have to choose from. That takes the pressure off of any one idea needing to be perfect. If you keep writing, you’ll have more written material to use for your project. You can pick and choose which ideas are worth keeping later in the process.

The next time you feel stuck on a project, take out a piece of paper (or open a blank document) and just start writing. You may be surprised at where you end up. Let us know how it goes in the comments.

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