3 Unexpected Ways Your 9-to-5 Will Boost Your Freelance Writing Career

It goes beyond just boosting your income.

Photo by Marten Bjork on Unsplash

3 Ways Your Regular Job Can Boost Your Freelance Writing Career

It will give you an area of expertise to build your niche around.

“The riches are in the niches.” I don’t know who came up with that, but it’s true as far as freelance writing is concerned. I made a lot more money as an eLearning writer than as a “freelance writer.”

It will give you contacts that might hire you for your freelance services.

When it’s time to end your 9-to-5, make sure you end on a positive note. That way, you can ask your network for referrals. I’ve found that when I ask someone for a referral, they often reply with, “actually, I could use your services myself!”

It will give you experiences to draw on in your writing.

Writing is about more than writing. It’s about the things we write about. The more experiences you have in a professional setting, the more topics you can write about with confidence.

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